Which one vaporizer is the idea tool for every concentrate newbie or veteran needs? If you are looking for a multi-use dab pen, read this post.

Which Dab vaporizer meet every concentrate newbie or veteran needs?

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What’s Lookah Seahorse Pro

Lookah Seahorse Pro is made by Lookah, one of my favorite glass brands, the Seahorse Pro has a smooth ergonomic aesthetic, similar to their bongs and bubblers. Lookah products are all about function and beauty, and I am very impressed by the quality of their detailed glass pieces, as well as their vaporizers.

The Seahorse Pro is a simple solution to a variety of needs. This versatile vaporizer allows for quick switching between consumption methods. Use with the quartz vapor tip for dabbing solid concentrates like wax, shatter, or budder. Additionally, you can swap the vapor tip for your favorite 510 thread oil cartridge.

lookah seahorse pro tips

Electronic dab straws are a great investment for getting the most out of your concentrates. You can dab directly out of your concentrate container, no dab tool necessary and no need for a torch. Simply heat, dip, and inhale. The vapor tip heats up instantly for dabs any time you want them. There’s no waste and no loading process.

Lookah Seahorse Pro is Easy to Clean
Unlike most honey straws, including the original Seahorse, the Seahorse Pro is a breeze to clean. The vapor path is a glass tube that slides out so you can reach inside to clear out any clogs, keep your device clean, and easily access any reclaim. It also comes with a tiny brush perfectly sized for cleaning out the Seahorse Pro. Out of the many dab straws in my collection, the Seahorse Pro is definitely the best designed for easy maintenance. A vaporizer that is easy to maintain will last longer and deliver bigger, better-tasting hits.

Who would love the Seahorse Pro
Anyone who enjoys a variety of concentrates can benefit from a well-designed dab straw like the Seahorse Pro. With the added functionality of a cartridge battery and the ability to hook up to a bubbler, the Seahorse Pro makes a fine addition to any concentrate lover’s collection. Source: https://thestonermom.com/lookah-seahorse/

Why is my Lookah Seahorse blinking yellow?
If the battery light is flickering or the light is off when you smoke, it means the battery is dead. 3. If the battery is normal and there is smoke oil in the cigarette holder, it is recommended to replace it with a new atomizer.