Do you know Temple Extracts Vape Cartridges? Does it compatible with Yocan on the go vape device? If you also have similar confusion, please read this artlce.

Temple Extracts’ passion for working with farms that grow cannabis using organic and sustainable methods, as well as their rigorous testing process are both important reasons that everyone here at Natural Cannabis Company agree to carry their vape cartridges on our shelves at OrganiCann, MendoCann and Oakland Organics.

At Temple Extracts, our superior quality begins with our growing network of organic and sustainable artisan farms. We work with a large variety of strains and our extracts are always additive free. From the highest grade cannabis we steam distill freshly cured buds to extract the terpenes in the fullest spectrum possible. Independent lab analysis have shown up to 125+ different terpene compounds in each strain specific TempleTerp extract. This process assures the greatest flavor, taste and therapeutic value along with the fullest entourage effect preserved in our finished oils. After extracting the delicate complexity of terpenes, we use CO2 and ethanol to extract the remaining THC and CBD cannabinoids. Then, using proprietary filtering processes, molecular separation and further distillation, we purify the oil to perfection. The full spectrum, 100% cannabis derived terpenes are then added back to our ultra pure distillate for final taste testing and production. A growing volume of exciting research into cannabis is showing the many ways this amazing plant can create balance and wellness in people’s lives. Our extracts are crafted with the highest level of commitment to vision, artistry and state-of-the-art science. We all love these products and we believe you will too!

Temple Extracts Vape Cartridges can’t fit Yocan UNI Pro, if you want to use 510 thread vape mod, please choose ccell style vape cartridge.