What is a Lookah unicorn?

The Lookah Unicorn is A Ultimate Portable Dab E-Rig with incredible design and function. The Lookah Unicorn has a magnetic connection, a cone perc for filtration, and a quartz atomizer coil for flavorful. This portable electric dab rig is the most efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience. Painstakingly designed and developed in house with revolutionary atomizer and magnetic connection.This allows you to take loads of dabs from a full charge.

lookah unicorn e-rig

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The Coil of Lookah Unicorn E-Rig

It uses a porous quartz core in a ceramic cup resulting in fast heat-up times and the purest flavor; compared to the 3 minute heating and cooling process with a traditional dab rig and torch, the Unicorn e-rig heats up in mear seconds.
Include two type coil: Three-Hole Quartz Coil.

Lookah unicorn three-hole quartz coil and quartz cup

The Unicorn Three-Hole Quartz Coil
Designed to preserve terpenes and flavonoids. The quartz core has three holes where the coils run through to provide an even temperature profile that heats up in seconds while a ceramic lined coil helps retain the heat for better hits. For the best taste and heavy vapor, it is recommended to use the manual mode.

The Unicorn Quartz Cup
This is a Quartz Cup coil. The solid quartz crucible is heated by a pancake coil from underneath providing the cleanest possible flavor profile. The Quartz Cup is easily replaceable. This coil will experience its best results when using the auto/preheat function of the Unicorn.

Can you put water in the Lookah unicorn?
The water tower is easy to fill and to empty. The optional silicone mouthpiece tip (included) helps prevent spillage from the glass percolator. I found that about an inch of water in the cooler is sufficient to cool the vapor without sucking water into your mouth.

How to Use the Lookah Unicorn?

Step 1, Add about 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water to the glass bubble.

Step 2, Turn on the Unicorn e-rig by pressing the power button five times in quick succession.

Step 3, Press the power button two times to cycle through the temperatures and select the one you want.

Step 4, Load the cannabis concentrate into the atomizer, taking care not to overload it or spill around the edges.

Here is a video about how to use the Lookah Unicorn from official.

How do you clean a Lookah unicorn?
The Unicorn Cleaning Tips . For the atomizer, you can use a q-tip to clean it when it is cool. The glass is easily removable, so you can soak it in some isopropyl alcohol and then rinse it with clean water.