Vape pen become more and more popular. Some Terpen carts users don’t know much about the live Resin, one of concentrate type material. Today we are going to discuss all things about Live Resin.

Live Rosin vs. Live Resin: How to Consume So Tasty Concentrate?

What’s Live resin?
Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is quickly becoming a favorite of dabbers and vapers everywhere. Packed with natural cannabis flavors and cannabinoids, it is considered by many to one of the best concentrates on the market.

Is Live resin stronger than dabs?
As earlier said, there is primarily no difference in THC potency between shatter, wax, crumble and live resin. They all provide a powerful high and can be used in dabbing. However, producing live resin is more complex as it requires a fully setup lab and trained technicians.

What’s Live rosin ?
Live rosin is a solvent-free derivative that usually involves full melt bubble hash — making it one of the most highly sought, highest quality concentrates available at the retail level, High Times reported. Put simply, cured hash rosin doesn’t use any solvents at all in its extraction.

What is better live rosin or live resin?
Due to the heat and pressure involved in its production, Live Rosin cannot be extracted from flash-frozen plant matter like Live Resin is. The final product is even more flavorful and pure than regular rosin, without any loss of terpenes.

Best Live Resin brand

How to choose a dab pen for live resin?