This post we are going a new dry herb vaporizer brand, Dotleaf. The dotLeaf is a new dry herb vaporizer made by dotMod. Does the Dotleaf vaping device a game-changer for the dry herb vaporizer industry? Here we go.

Does the Dotleaf vaping device a game-changer for the dry herb vaporizer industry?

What’s Dotleaf?

The dotLeaf can heat up to 245ºc with boost, so you won’t be restricted to how hot you want your herb. With the dotLeaf’s easy to remove ceramic chamber, cleaning and refilling the chamber is incredibly easy. The dotLeaf has 4 heat presets to get the right temperature for your dry herb of choice.

The dotLeaf offers an out of this world experience! Vaporize any dry herb of your choosing. The dotLeaf can heat up to 245ºc with boost, so you won’t be restricted to how hot you want your herb. With the dotLeaf’s easy to remove ceramic chamber, cleaning and refilling the chamber is incredibly easy.

dotLeaf Vaporizer Mod, featuring a ceramic heating chamber for dry herbs, 4 tiered temperature output, and a 15°C boost mode. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis of the dotmod dotLeaf is impeccable and features magnetic doors to remove and install the dry herb tank and 18650 battery. Outfitted with a 4 level temperature output system, the user can select their desired temperature to heat dry herb material. In addition, the single button operation is easy to understand and utilize to produce the best vapor possible. With a special 15°C boost mode, the user can add an additional 15°C to their selected temperature to produce more vapor.

dotmod dotLEAF VAPORIZER Mod Features:
Dotchip 2.0 Chipset
Dimensions – 78mm by 46mm by 22mm
Single High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included Temperature Output: 185°-245°C
4 Tiered Temperature Outputs
Boost Mode – 15°C Increase
Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
Intuitive Firing Button
Temperature Selection Button
LED Indicator Light
Vibrational Heating Indication
Magnetic Battery Door
Ceramic Dry Herb Chamber
Top Cap Mesh Screen
ULTEM Outer Construction
Slide-In Installation
Overheat Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Chipset Overheat Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Low Power Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Over Charge Protection
USB Type-C Port
Available in Green

Dotleaf review from Tvape

A small little vaporizer that has gained traction quickly, the Dotleaf is unique with its removable side panel and atomizer assembly. With other highly desired features like a 18650 battery and USB-C charging, this Dotleaf review will go over all the important aspects of this vaporizer.

Review: Dotleaf Vaporizer
Dotleaf vaporizer Review
Dotleaf vaporizer heating coils
How it Works
As far as standard operation goes, the Dotleaf is rather straightforward – remove the mouthpiece and fill the chamber up with medium-fine ground herb. Pack it in a bit and turn it on.
Once you have chosen a temperature setting and the unit has warmed up, you’re ready to take your hits.
The Dotleaf seems to work best with 2-5 second long draws which are reminiscent of sips compared to rips. Alternatively, you can toss on the water pipe adaptor and enjoy it through a bubbler.
Stir the chamber partway through a session to ensure an even extraction and top performance.
There’s not much more to it than that, and if you follow typical conduction vaporizer principles, it’ll work very well!

Dotleaf vaporizer power control
Temperature Flexibility
You’re set with a 4 preset setting system on the Dotleaf. While it is inferior to complete temperature control, 4 settings is more than enough to get a varied experience and high-quality units like the Utillian 722 and Crafty+ operate with limited temperature flexibility.

These 4 settings are between 185°-245°C (365-473°F) which is a perfect range for flavor hits to heavy clouds and even use with concentrates.

There’s also a ‘boost’ mode which adds 15°C to a selected temperature, which then in practice gives 8 temperature settings to play around with. This is limited temperature control done right!

Dotleaf vaporizer mouth piece
Vapor Quality
The standard ceramic conduction chamber offers a conduction-like vapor experience. Robust flavor, heavy clouds, and full extraction – conduction works great but also has some cons.

The flavor gets that ‘roasted popcorn’ feeling after a couple of minutes and conduction vapes passively cook your herb while you’re not hitting it – this leads to lessened efficiency.

With that said and done, the Dotleaf really produces some dense and wholly satisfying hits. Especially through a bubbler, the Dotleaf can milk up a piece entirely and leave you wheezing for air.

On the other hand, the vapor is warm and harsh at high temperatures when hit directly through the stock mouthpiece. We wouldn’t consider it a ‘connoisseur’ vape at all, but it certainly delivers in the hit size department.

Dotleaf vaporizer front display
Manufacturing Quality
From the case to the machining – the device is very well crafted. Attractive, robust, and well-engineered, the Dotlead impresses with its modular design and user-friendly operation. Magnetic side panels all the way!

Being able to completely remove the heating element and battery is a big win for the tech-lovers out there as you can fully service and maintain the unit with ease.
The included hard-shell carrying case, 14 & 18mm adapters, cleaning tools, and so forth sets a perfect example of what should be included in an herb vaporizers kit.

Long-term reliability isn’t something we’re sure of yet, though the modular nature of the unit does inspire confidence in the unit’s longevity.

Dotleaf vaporizer inclined view

Dotleaf vaporizer usb slot
Battery Life
A removable 18650 battery and USB-C charging? The day has finally come!

Not only can you top up the device using a standardized USB-C cable, but you can also remove the cell and charge it externally or swap in a fresh one. Those with a supply of spare 18650s on hand will be happy to have this unit in their lineup.

This results in a battery life that nets ~10 sessions per charge, depending on the battery capacity and session habits.

Do keep in mind that many Dotleaf units do ship without a battery and thus a high-quality 18650 cell will be needed to source. Pick up a few to be ready at a moment’s notice!

Dotleaf vaporizer with armor case
The sweet spot – shaped like a regular old box mod that e-juice vapers use, the Dotleaf fits nicely in any pocket or bag without being cumbersome or dangerously petite.

About the same size as a deck of cards, it’s a fairly compact package that won’t impede your daily movements. Though units like the G Pen Dash are certainly smaller, the improved performance from the Dotleaf may be worth it to you.

Dotleaf vaporizer in use
Ease of Use
With modularity comes complexity. While the general outline and operation of the device are straightforward and easy to master, a buyer needs to source their own battery and understand how the removable oven system works.

So while it’s simple for someone familiar with dry herb vaporizers to understand fully, a newcomer may have a slight learning curve to overcome when it comes to using the Dotleaf.

Cleaning is excellent when it comes to deep cleaning. Of course, this is a credit to the removable atomizer system which allows for quick and easy access. The mouthpiece is a breeze to clean as well and maintenance overall is very low.

Dotleaf vaporizer in hand
Appearances most similar to an e-juice vape, the Dotleaf blends in so well and the vast majority of people won’t think twice of it.

That is until they catch some of the smell your clouds of vapor are putting out! Between the inconspicuous aesthetics and rapid heat-up time though, it’s a nice unit to walk around town with and mostly blend in.

Overall Experience
We can’t describe it in any other way but solid – from the well-crafted magnetic side panels to the modular system and quality accessories, the Dotleaf checks so many marks.

USB-C and removable 18650 are icing on top of the cake when it comes to the practicality front. Easy cleaning, water pipe compatibility right out of the box, and a removable atomizer? Hard to find much that we don’t like.