How is the effect of NectarBee cartridge? Will it get you high, like the Glo Extracts? Exploring the Pros and Cons of NectarBee Cannabis Vape Cartridges.

NectarBee vape cartridge and battery

About Nectarbee
Infuzionz is an award-winning marijuana infused products manufacturer located in Denver, CO. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and compliance, we produce premium quality concentrates and a variety of cannabis-infused goods. We offer a wide selection of product types and numerous common extraction methods. Infuzionz proudly partners with leading dispensaries, providing their customers with potent, safe, and reliable concentrates and edibles. We welcome new dispensary clients for marijuana processing and encourage extraction artists, and highly-qualified marijuana industry professionals to contact us regarding exciting expansion opportunities in 2014.

NectarBee vape battery

How do I charge my NectarBee?
Just thread the cartridge into any compatible 510 battery vaporizer (we suggest the NectarBee Autodraw Vape Pen) and you’re ready to go. The battery comes with a USB charger, so simply plug it into any USB port to recharge.