Uooce Cubee

The Cubee is an unique quad design 510 vape battery. It never rolls off, and protects oil cartridges. Cube fits all your on-the-go vaping needs.

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The whole product line’s innovations of Uooce Inc is in a state of flux. 510-thread batteries are often small, pocketable, and provide power to the heating element of your oil vape cartridge.


Support Two Charging Methods

The Uooce Cubee is support two charging methods, Smart Ego style charger, as well as a USB Type-C charging port on the very bottom. Cube Design 510 vv vape battery fits ALL your on-the-go vaping needs!

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Cubee specifications

Cube Design
500 mAh Battery
510 Thread
4 Voltage Levels: 2.7V, 3.2V, 3.7V, and 4.2V.
Preheat Mode
Auto shut off 12 Mins
Type-C Charge Port
VV vape battery
Charger NOT Include

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Colored Cubee as an Art Form – It’s Fascinating!

Enjoy Cubee elegant colors. Browse through a vast selection of Uooce Cubee color options, made from premium materials. More options are on the way.









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