What’s Sweet CO2?

Sweet CO2 Oil is an eco-friendly, craft cannabis extraction facility. We produce pure, high-potency cannabis concentrates through small batch extractions. Based in Durango, Colorado, Sweet CO2 Oil has been serving the state since 2015 and has a reputation for potent, terpene-rich, additive free products with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Produced in a solar powered facility, our oils and products are 100% natural and additive/chemical free — always have been, always will be. Additionally, our products and packaging are 100% recyclable. Simply remove any adhesive stickers for pricing and recycle with care!

We offer a variety of different products for every type of consumer:
-Cartridges & Refillable Pens
-Syringes, rechargeable and recyclable EZ-Use Pens
-Rechargeable and Recyclable EZ-Use Pens
-THC & CBD 100mg Capsules
-Sweet Relief Salves
-Sweet Sensations Personal Lubricant

Why did we choose to enter the cannabis industry? Simply put, we believe in our products and our mission. It is vital to us that we remain pioneers of clean cannabis consumption and educate all consumers on the importance of conscious and safe consumption. Having entered the market at the cusp of Colorado legalization, we want to continue to be at the forefront of the cannabis movement and do our part to ensure it’s growth. We will continue to provide support to the overall industry and help other cannabis businesses succeed in a healthier, happier Colorado (and beyond)!

For information on wholesale SweetCO2 Products, email us at [email protected] to get in touch with our Sales Director.

Pure CO2 Oil vape pen

No additives including added terpenes. With our extraction method we preserve all-natural occurring terpenes and do not need to re-introduce any flavors.

We use quality hardware to ensure you are getting the most out of your vape pen.

With our new design the intake holes are located at the bottom of the cartridge, so you enjoy every drop!

These cartridges are ceramic & glass.

Easy on the go & discrete – no need to worry about charging a battery.

These pens will last about 80-150 puffs


Sweet CO2 Vape Cartidges
Pure, all-natural CO2 oil. No additives! Our on-the-go, easy-to-use, and discreet ceramic & glass cartridge hardware makes sure you get the most out of your vape pen.