Aces Extracts are award winning cannabis products that move you. Aces Extracts is the superior cannabis lifestyle brand intended to fit your active lifestyle. Launched in Los Angeles in 2017 and currently available in California and Nevada.

Aces Extracts disposable vape pens

A luxurious vapor experience in a convenient, portable, and discreet package. Designed to be comfortable to hold, each disposable pen is crafted in tactile recycled plastic that is familiar yet distinct. The 240 mAh battery requires no recharging and is precision engineered to deliver a consistent 4.0V to the heating element, producing a clean, smooth vapor

Our disposable pens come fully charged and prefilled with our high-quality, high-potency cannabis distillate; meticulously lab-tested and combined with cannabis-derived terpenes to ensure a consistent smoking experience every time.

Aces Extracts vape pens VS Yocan Stix

Yocan stix is not the latest vape pen from this brand, but many fan still love to choose this one vapoirzer. Thanks for it’s pen-style design, the Stix is simlar with the Aces Extracts vape pens.



Yocan Stix kit comes with the base of the device which holds the 320mAh internal battery. The Aces Extracts vape pens comes with 240 mAh battery. If you want to a long last vape pen, the Yocan Stix is your pen.


With all the benefits of a regular vape high performance Yocan STIX Vape Pen Kit 320mAh suits you getting well with a pocket. And the Aces Extracts is a disposable vape. If you want to try vape pen, the Aces Extracts is your chocie.

How to use:


How to use the Stix:

Unscrew the base connector (aka the clear part above the metal atomizer on the pen). Then unscrew the plastic base from the oil chamber.
Fill the oil chamber with your oil, and then screw back on the base connector.
Screw the cartridge to the coil/pen.
Push the power button 5 times rapidly to turn on the battery.
Press the power button 3 times rapidly to adjust your desired voltage. [Low=Red, Medium=Green, High=Blue]