Which vape cartridge make you Surprisingly Good Effects? Today we are going to instroducing the 3chi Carts brand. How does 3chi carts compare to the Glo Extracts cartridges? Read on and find out which one is batter.

3chi carts with the lookah searhorse

Do 3chi carts get you high?
Nice and mellow high, but not a lasting high

Everybody will encounter different experiences with how it feels. 3chi vape carts did give me a very relaxing high. Not nearly as potent as a quality THC cartridge, but still very mellow. Only thing is, the high on the effects don’t last very long.

Are 3Chi carts good?
3Chi Delta-8 cartridges are surprisingly great in strength

But after taking a few hits, I was amazed at how good of a high it provides. Taking the first few hits, it didn’t feel as potent, or so I thought. The high crept in after a while of hitting, and the strength of these carts turned out to be great.

Is 3Chi legal?
Delta 8 THC is federally legal, making it legal in any state that doesn’t specifically prohibit it. This is the exact opposite of the active ingredient in cannabis, delta-9 THC, which is federally banned and must be legalized in any state that wants to grow and sell it.

Is 3Chi legal in Florida?
Delta 8 THC is legal according to Florida state law. Like federal law, Florida specifically legalized all derivates, cannabinoids, and isomers of hemp including all tetrahydrocannabinols other than delta 9 THC.

Not too sweet, but it did not taste piney at all. Nothing bad about the flavor or anything, it’s actually decent tasting. Something I should mention is that these carts are a bit harsh when taking long hits. According to 3Chi, delta8 is a harsh cannabinoid, and they say not to exceed 3 seconds per puff. Consumers of the 3Chi Delta-8 vape carts have admitted that it was stronger than anticipated.

Here is a list of all flavor of 3chi carts.

Green Crack -> Effects: Focus/Clarity/Motivating, Flavor: Sweet citrus with an earthiness
OG Kush -> Effects: Uplifting/Motivating/Clarity, Flavor: Earthy notes of pine and wood
Pineapple Express -> Effects: Uplifting/Motivating, Flavor: Sweet tropical blend with cedar and pineapple tones
SFV OG -> Effects: Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Relaxing, Flavor: Lemon/Pine/Skunky/Sweet (CDT)
Snowman -> Effects: Cerebral/Creative/Euphoria/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Diesel/Herbal/Spicy/Sweet/Vanilla (CDT)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Blue Dream -> Effects: Focus/Clarity/Uplifting/Motivating, Flavor: Sweet berry (CDT)
Caribbean Dream -> Effects: Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Cedar with mango and passionfruit tones
Clementine -> Effects: Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Uplifted, Flavor: Sweet and citrusy with an earthy finish (CDT)
Incredible Hulk -> Effects: Focus/Clarity/Motivating/Uplifting, Flavor: Earthy citrus flavor with and tones of pine tree
Jack Herer -> Effects: Uplifting/Soothing, Flavor: Earthy flavor with pine tree notes
Lemon Fuel -> Effects: Creative/Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Uplifted (CDT)
Melonatta -> Effects: Energizing/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Hungry/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Citrus/Sweet/Fruity (CDT)
Mimosa -> Effects: Energetic/Focus/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus/Fruity/Sour/Sweet (CDT)
Sour Tangie -> Effects: Creative/Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Uplifted, Flavor: Bold, Sour Citrus (CDT)
Super Lemon Haze -> Effects: Creative/Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus, Lemon, Sweet, Tart, Zesty (CDT)
Tangie -> Effects: Clarity/Motivating, Flavor: Earthy with Citrus and Sweetness

Berry White -> Effects: Cerebral/Creative/Euphoria/Happy, Flavor: Berry/Blueberry/Pine/Spicy/Sweet (CDT)
Garlic Jam -> Effects: Relaxing/Sedating, Flavor: Earthy, Garlic, Spicy, Sweet (CDT)
God’s Gift -> Effects: Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Sleepy/Uplifted, Flavor: Berry/Citrus/Grape/Hash/Lemon (CDT)
Granddaddy Pluto -> Effects: Cerebral/Euphoria/Relaxing/Tingly/Uplifting, Flavor: Pine/Spice/Lemon/Berry (CDT)
Granddaddy Purple -> Effects: Relaxing/Soothing, Flavor: Sweet, floral and earthy
Grenadine -> Effects: Cerebral/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Cherry/Fruity/Herbal/Nutty/Spicy/Sweet (CDT)
King Louie XIII -> Effects: Relaxing/Sleepy, Flavor: Pine/Earthy (CDT)
Northern Lights -> Effects: Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Sleepy/Uplifted, Flavor: Spicy, Sweet (CDT)
Pink Rozay -> Effects: Cerebral/Euphoria/Relaxing/Tingly/Uplifting, Flavor: Berry/Flowery/Fruity/Strawberry/Sweet (CDT)
Purple Punch -> Effects: Relaxing/Soothing, Flavor: Grape with earthy, smoky notes and a hint of pepper
Strawberry Napalm -> Effects: Soothing/Calming, Flavor: A diesel flavor with strawberry tones

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Blackberry Kush -> Effects: Creative/Happy/Hungry/Relaxing/Sedated/Sleepy, Flavor: Berry/Diesel/Sweet (CDT)
Gelato -> Effects: Relaxing/Calming/Creative, Flavor: Sweet berry-like flavor with a touch of creaminess
Gelato 41 -> Effects: Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Relaxing, Flavor: Berry/Citrus/Lavender/Sweet/Woody (CDT)
Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) -> Effects: Uplifting/Calming/Clarity/Relaxing, Flavor: Sweet, earthy and spicy with hints of pine
Ice Cream Cake -> Effects: Body High/Hungry/Relaxing/Sleepy/Uplifting, Flavor: Cheesy/Creamy/Nutty/Sweet (CDT)
Lemon Gelato -> Effects: Energetic/Euphoria/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Citrus/Lemon/Sweet (CDT)
London Pound Cake -> Effects: Calming/Creative/Focus/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Berry/Fruity/Pine/Sweet (CDT)
Orange Cookies -> Effects: Cerebral/Euphoria/Happy/Mellow/Relaxing, Flavor: Citrus/Fruity/Lemon/Orange/Sweet/Tangy/Tropical (CDT)
Pineapple Cake -> Effects: Euphoria/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Citrus/Fruity/Nutty/Sour/Sweet (CDT)
Sunset Sherbet -> Effects: Happy/Relaxing, Flavor: Creamy/Fruity/Nutty/Sweet (CDT)
Super Charger -> Effects: Cerebral/Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Giggly/Uplifting, Flavor: Flowery/Herbal/Spicy/Woody (CDT)
Wifi OG -> Effects: Cerebral/Uplifting/Focus/Creative, Flavor: Earthy/Sour (CDT)

Cali-O -> Effects: Calm/Cerebral/Creativity/Euphoric/Focus/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus/Orange/Skunky/Sweet (CDT)
Gary Payton -> Effects: Social/Creative/Energizing/Euphoria/Focus/Giggly, Flavor: Diesel/Herbal/Spicy/Sweet (CDT)
Golden Ticket -> Effects: Creative/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Lemon/Lime/Sour/Sweet/Tangy (CDT)
Guava Jam -> Effects: Creative/Focus/Relaxing/Talkative/Uplifted, Flavor: Berries/Guava (CDT)
Lemon Crush -> Effects: Creative/Focus/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Chocolate/Citrus/Vanilla (CDT)
Pancakes -> Effects: Aroused/Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Relaxing/Sociable, Flavor: Sweet/Buttery/Maple/Berry (CDT)
Pineapple OG -> Effects: Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxing/Sociable, Flavor: Diesel/Pineapple/Tropical (CDT)