What is the Best Cannabis Oil Vape Pen for Anxiety and Relaxation? Does the Pax Era Pro the best Weed Vape Pen & Marijuana Vape in 2021? Read on and find out that does the Pax Era Pro worth $70 or not.

pax era pro red version

What’s The Pax Era Pro?

The Pax Era Pro is latest Weed Vape Pen from Pax Lab. This tiny vaporizer packs a host of improvements and brings increased transparency to the user. It has transformed where and when I ingest marijuana in the way the iPod changed how I consumed music.


  • Instant heat-up time – users do not have to wait to begin vaping
  • 4+ temperature settings – allows users to choose their ideal vaping temperature based on the pod and their preference
  • Bluetooth capable – 15 ft range
  • 45 minutes to charge
  • Ability to set flavor – optimize the amount of flavor released with each session
  • Access session progress via the app
  • Access detailed information on the pod ingredients
  • Curated selection. Cannabis hand-picked for purity and flavor.
  • Discrete portable design. Always on and ready to use.
  • True dose control. For predictable, full flavored hits.
  • Over 250 puffs per charge. Fast charging battery.

The Pax Era Pro Pod

The PAX Era Pro uses proprietary cartridges embedded with an NFC tag. Pax calls this affair PodID, and the tags are unique to each cartridge.

pax era pro pod - hybrid

What’s more, because of the PodID, the brand partner who created the pod can set a recommended temperature setting, eliminating a lot of user guesswork. If a user overrides the setting, the new setting is saved to the pod.

FAQs about the Pax Era Pro

How do I Charge my Pax era pro?
Plug in your Era Pro vaporizer and let it charge first. The petals will light up white and indicate its current charge level, and turn blue when it’s fully charged. A complete charge will only take about 45 minutes.

What does the Pax APP do?
The PAX App pairs with multiple PAX vaporizers via Bluetooth, including the Era Pro. It has the usual options like temperature control (to the degree), a battery meter, control of the light color scheme, and temperature profiles. You can also name your Era Pro, play games, and lock it for safety.

What is the difference between the Pax ERA and ERA pro?

The Era Pro features on-demand draw and closed-loop temperature control along with longer battery life and 50% better Bluetooth range than the original Era. The Era Pro recharges through USB-C and has a more pocketable design, with edges rounded off.

Can you use Pax era pods in Pax era pro?
But the pods from the original Era can be used with the Era Pro which makes this device have a big selection of pods to choose from. Take note that you won’t be able to use the app with the old Pax Pods which is pretty forgivable and does not affect the overall performance of the device.