Does the Megatoke Best Portable Smoking device on the market, or just blowing smoking? Does the Megatoke Dabatoke XL Worth Its Value? Read on the find out the answer.

Megatoke Dabatoke XL gold and silver version

What’s the Megatoke DabaTake XL?

The Dabatoke XL is the latest in the Megatoke range, and it is the most powerful device the brand offers. The dabatoke XL comes with two batteries, two chambers, and you can set them up for oil, weed, or both. MegaToke also offers a Megatoke XL that allows you to vape oil as well as dry herb.


Outstanding flavor.
Stylish design.
The water pipe provides a measure of adaptability.
Lightweight and concealable.
Extremely easy to use.
Caters to dry herb and cannabis oil

Megatoke Dabatoke XL gold version unboxing

Megatoke DabaTake XL Battery

The Megatoke DabaTake XL come with just one 3000mAh respectively. The rechargeable battery is powerful and helps produce more cloud. No outlet connection is needed.

How to clean the Dabatoke XL?

Cleaning is required frequently to keep it running smoothly. The product is easily disassembled for easier cleaning. The package includes the following: Four ceramic coils for dry herb; Two quartz coils.

Megatoke Dabatoke XL silver version handcheck

Is the Megatoke Dabtoke XL worth getting?

Souce from Tvape:
For the price you pay, the Megatoke and its XL variant are a terrible value. I couldn’t see something like this costing more than $50, which is still on the high end of the spectrum for an e-smoker with no impressive qualities.

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