What’s dotLeaf Mod?

The dotmod dotLeaf Vaporizer Mod featuring a ceramic heating chamber for dry herbs, 4 tiered temperature output, and a 15°C boost mode. The dotLeaf includes both a 14mm and 18mm adapter for added user customization. The dotleaf ultra compact vape system features a dry herb pod with a max temp of 245º Celsius, and utilizes a single 18650 vape battery. Ensuring that you can re-charge on the go, a USB Type-C port is provided for convenience.

dotleaf mod

How do you use dotLeaf?
Hold the fire button down during your session, and the dotLeaf will give you a 15ºc boost for a more powerful hit.

dotleaf accessory

DotLeaf chamber

Chamber is made out of PBT casing and a ceramic inner chamber with a tungsten metal heating element.

dotleaf chamber


  • Modular heater unit
  • Very compact device
  • Customizable faceplates
  • Passthrough charging
  • USB-C Charging port
  • Good travel companion
  • Great for group sessions
  • Has a big bowl that efficiently uses the herb depending on temps
  • Lower temps provide extended use from 1 bowl (multiple sessions)
  • Swappable mouthpieces (510 driptips)
  • Comes with literally everything you need…carry case, 14mm WPA, 18mm WPA, native mouthpiece, brush, stir tool, charging cable, and a set of extra orings
  • Removeable 18650 capability (18650 not included)


  • Device gets warm (not uncomfortably hot, but definitely warm)
  • Higher temps are rather punchy and can be harsh
  • The bowl is very big and not the best for microdosing
  • Requires a full bowl to take advantage of conduction heating
  • Modular heater unit can also be seen as a negative for loading and unloading.

Source: khelek41girl on fuckcombustion