The Davinci IQC is coming. Is this weed vaporizer Worth The Investment? And what’s the new features comes with this Davinci IQC version? Read on and find out the answer. Please kindly comment below your thought, Amazing or Disappointing.

Davinci IQC handcheck -vape girl

What’s the Davinci IQC?

The DaVinci IQC is the latest in the IQ lineup, gets its name from its Type-C charging functionality. This new weed vaporizer sports a durable sandblasted aluminum body. The DaVinci IQC is a gorgeously simple weed vape that does almost everything right. The DaVinci IQC produces pure, flavorful vapor, the vapor clouds are full of flavor and taste fresh.


  • aluminum body
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • removable 18650 battery
  • two mouthpieces: flat and ‘straw’ style
  • LED display
  • 45 x 92 x 25 mm

LED Grid

The DaVinci IQC feature a small LED grid that displays the current temperature levels, device status, and battery level.

Davinci IQC front

The DaVinci IQC comes with two mouthpieces, one is a flat mouthpiece that sits flush at the top of the device and the other is a ‘straw’ style mouthpiece that can also be used as an adapter to any 10mm glass rig.

The mouthpieces and the lid that covers the ‘flavor chamber’ are now made of high-temperature silicone instead of zirconia.


The DaVinci IQC is designed removable 18650 battery which lasts about around 6-8 sessions before needing a recharge.


DaVinci IQC features a glass-lined ceramic conduction oven. It’s a “flavor chamber,” which cools down the vapor, and can double as a small storage container.

It’s funnel-shaped and makes loading a breeze since the material just slides in.

The dosage pods on their website, which can be pre-loaded with herb and stored in a holder, and then just popped into the oven while on the go,

The DaVinci IQC features advanced temperature control, app connectivity, a replaceable battery and USB Type-C charging, which enables the device to rapidly charge and power up your phone on-the-go. The DaVinci IQC comes with four colors: Onyx, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire—with a textured body for added comfort and grip.

How to use the DaVinci IQC dry herb vaporizer?

Turn on

Turn the DaVinci IQC on by pressing the power button 5 times, toggle through the pre-set smart heating profiles by pressing the up or down buttons.

Vape tips:

To toggle between F/C, click all three buttons together.
To check the current temp in the oven while in smart path mode, click the power button once

Smart mode

The smart profiles will gradually increase the oven temperature during your session and lasts 8 minutes.

Davinci-ICQ-weed-vape-Glass Vapor Path

Boost mode

Boost mode can be activated by holding down the power button during a session, and that will heat up and maintain max power and reach the max temp of 430F until you release the button.

Precision mode

The DaVinci IQC precision mode keeps a constant temperature in the oven throughout the session.

To switch to “precision mode” click the power button once and use the arrows to set the temperature. The precise temp will be displayed on the LED grid. The vape will vibrate when the desired temperature is reached.

The Upgrade of the DaVinci IQC

The difference between the new IQC and the IQ2:

  • The biggest upgrate is all about battery and charging.
  • The magnet that secures the mouthpiece to the device has been made bigger and more secure. The magnets securing the top and bottom of the device are stronger.
  • The hinges on the top and bottom covers have been improved and are now more durable.
  • Cancel airflow on the IQC. the airflow dial has been removed and replaced with a simple logo image.
Davinci IQC back-Type C- Charging

Like all DaVinci devices, the IQC has no metals or plastics in the sealed zirconia glass airpath. Additionally, app connectivity enables full control over sessions—providing consumers the ability to customize preset temperature modes, turn off vibration alerts and control brightness levels. With a replaceable and rechargeable 18650, 3500 mAh battery, the IQC offers up to a two-hour run time with the ability to carry extra batteries for easy replacement.

To learn more info about the DaVinci IQC, please visit or comment below.