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What’s CCell?

CCell is a leading technology brand with a focus on creating standard-setting vaping hardware products (Cartridges, vape pen battery). It’s a globally trusted brand that has led the way in the oil industry. And Jupiter is the leading provider of CCELL vaporizer cartridges and power. They have set the standard with vaporizers that create large clouds and a truer-to-taste experience than most options on the market. CCell promises pure flavor and strong potency, and they deliver. CCell cartridges have ceramic heating elements that have a large network of tiny uniform holes also known as nanoscale inlet holes. They excel in absorbing, storing, and vaporizing thick oil. This makes the CCell cartridge an ideal option for vaporizing pure cannabis oil which can be very sticky and thick.

Pen Style Batteries

CCell offers traditional “pen style” batteries that allow the cartridge to screw onto the top of the CBD battery. They offer this style of battery in both inhale activated and button activated options.

The CCell M3 Battery

The M3 Battery is inhale activated so all you need to do is attach your cartridge and inhale.

The CCell M3b Battery

The M3b Battery offers more control with button activation and three heat settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience.

You can cycle through the voltages with 3 clicks of the power button of The CCell M3b Battery, and you can turn the battery on and off with 5 clicks.

Both batteries are 350 milliamps, so a full charge should have no problem getting you through even your busiest of days.

Drop In Style Batteries

CCell also offers “drop in” style with their Palm and Silo Batteries.

The CCell Palm

The Palm has a cutout that runs the length of the cartridge to allow you to easily view the cartridge. The main difference between the Palm and Silo is in their form factor. The Palm is SUPER thin so it’s great for the pocket.

The CCell Silo

The Silo has a small viewing window on the side of the battery as well. The Silo is a bit rounder, so it feels great in the hand. Both batteries are charged with a micro USB charger that is included with purchase.

magnetic adapter

To attach cartridges to the Palm or Silo, thread on one of the two included magnetic adapters, drop in your cartridge, and inhale when you’re ready. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

The Palm and Silo are similar in a lot of ways. Both come in a wide variety of color options and are 500 milliamp in battery capacity. Their exterior casing provides protection for your cartridge.

Oil Vape Cartridges

CCell has single-handedly revolutionized the cartridge game with their CCell TH2 and CCell M6T cartridge models. Both the TH2 and M6T use the exact same ceramic atomizer that CCell is so well known for, working exceptionally well with thick oils. They are both available in a variety of tank capacities and different mouthpiece types. The key differences between the TH2 and M6T cartridges are that the TH2 uses a screw on mouthpiece with glass tank and the M6T uses a press on mouthpiece with polycarbonate plastic tank. What this means is that you can open and close the TH2, whereas once the M6T mouthpiece is pressed on, it’s sealed for good.

As for enjoying the stuff that actually goes into your cartridge, your local dispensary will carry pre-filled cartridges or can provide a filled syringe so you can fill your own empty cartridges. To emphasize- we do not sell oil! Your cartridges will be empty when you receive them.

Pro tips on filling:

Fill your cartridge between the center post and the glass. Once filled, just attach the mouthpiece. It is best to wait about 30 minutes before use to give the oil time to fully soak into the atomizer. If the oil in your syringe is not easily flowing into the cartridge, blow warm air on both the cartridge and syringe with something like a blow dryer or space heater and the oil will flow like the Mississippi River.

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